It is a Christian media group that creates educational products and consulting services relating to church, state, the law, society, religious freedom, and how all these elements intersect with church history. Its goal is to educate both laity and church leaders on how to negotiate an increasingly complex world of pressures on the faith and religious freedom of both believers and churches.

We offer a range of audio, video and multi-media products offering lectures, presentations, and graphical material to communicate the latest developments, in historical context, relating to church, state, society, and religious freedom. We also offer, through the affiliated Freedom Law Group, legal and communication consulting services to help churches and religious institutions cope with a variety of legal challenges and problems, ranging from employment, to land-use, to immigration, to facilities and land management, to not-for-profit and tax-related questions.

Yes, our main speaker, attorney and professor Nicholas Miller is available to speak to churches, church groups, retreats, camp-meetings, pastor¹s meetings, and workers conferences on issues related to religious freedom, church history, current prophetic events, and legal issues related to churches and pastors.

Many items can be purchased through this website, or click the "Contact Us" tab to directly request a Freedom Law product or arrange a presentation.